Sewing Challenge

The challenge of making everything in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing in one year (hmm…would you believe two years?). How about: Lots of things I have made in the past year or so…

Dresden Plate Shopping Bag

Dresden plate quilting has been around for a long time. Cardboard templates are required for each petal and then the petals are hand sewn together. Once the cardboard has been removed the plate is attached to a background (in this case a denim bag) and then a circle is placed in the middle. I used a Suffolk puff in the centre. I hadn’t used either of these techniques before and my puff was a little too puffy! For the bag I used rectangle of denim, added a pocket and then sewed up the sides. Using a continuous piece of fabric folded a the bottom, gives the bag strength, as there is no seam at the bottom, just on the sides.

The visible hand stitching attaches the plate to the bagThe photo below shows the bag, and highlights my immaculate ironing.

Silky smooth (not).

And the pockets at the back…

Handy for a mobile on one side and a wallet on the other


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