Sewing Challenge

The challenge of making everything in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing in one year (hmm…would you believe two years?). How about: Lots of things I have made in the past year or so…

Play Pants

These are just a simple version of shorts, except they are not that precise. Each leg is one piece of fabric cut on the fold. Regular pants would have two pieces making up each leg with the rear piece being slightly larger to allow for bottoms/nappies/sitting down. However these shorts are made so long and roomy, there is no need for precision. The third piece of fabric is the waist band. The two short ends are joined and the band is folded in half lengthwise when attached to the (already joined) trouser legs. I encase the elastic waist band as I sew. I sew the pants on the overlocker (serger) except for the hem around the bottom of the legs, which I do last, and the top stitch just under the waist band at the top of the leg pieces. The top stitch catches the raw edge of the band and means it sits better and looks more finished. I stitch about 1mm below the ditch.

The pink pants are made from a table cloth I found at the op-shop and are worn in summer. Others I made were often worn in winter with tights and/or gumboots. I vary the fabric depending on the season, but the pattern remains the same. The pink pants have been embellished with buttons to encourage my daughter to wear them (apparently shorts are passée, but ‘button pants’ are all the rage this season). If making the pants for a crawler I would leave the buttons off and make them a bit shorter.

You can use an existing pair of shorts or pants as a pattern, but add a bit of give around the legs to make them comfortable for play. I’ve used micro cord (stretch and non-stretch), plain cotton, denim and jersey fabrics to make these pants. It’s only the elastic in the waist that has to be right size.


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  1. Di
    December 6, 2012

    Love all this work. Dying to see the footstool.

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