Sewing Challenge

The challenge of making everything in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing in one year (hmm…would you believe two years?). How about: Lots of things I have made in the past year or so…

Challenge Five (a) – Cook’s Apron (Child’s Version)

Isn’t it cute? What a lovely pattern and a great fabric. This is from page 30 of the The Liberty Book of Home Sewing and is quite different from the Adult’s version and simple to make. This apron is 8 cm longer than the original pattern so I moved the pocket down for symmetry. The original pattern has good width, so the length can be altered depending on the size of the child. The Liberty version suggests the pocket has two borders sewn on it before attaching it to the apron, which means the outer border has to be re-sewn. It takes more skill and patience than I have to sew exactly over a line I have already sewn and to have it look neat and intentional. Therefore I did an inner border on the pocket before attaching it to the apron with the outer border. I used a drill for the front and after making it I thought a top stitch around the outer edge would finish it off nicely, so that’s what I did. All that’s left is to attach the cotton tape. The book recommends 12mm wide tape, but I prefer a wider tape and have opted for 20mm. For those interested the owl pattern is an Alexander Henry design.

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