Sewing Challenge

The challenge of making everything in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing in one year (hmm…would you believe two years?). How about: Lots of things I have made in the past year or so…

Challenge One – Book Cover

Felt like making something tonight that was simple and could be finished within an hour (or so). Made a book cover from page 82. I covered a blank note book for my sister’s birthday present. 

I love the lawn fabric I used, but as the book was black and the fabric translucent, I cut a white piece of fabric the same size and used it as lining. I didn’t bond them first, just treated them as one piece of fabric as I was following the instructions.

It was a fairly simple exercise but I needed to be conscious of my pattern as it was directional and it had to be straight (couldn’t be a little crooked anywhere). Also the instructions state to pin the cover inside out over the book and I found this awkward. I ended up making a pencil line where the edges of the book were and sewing just outside these lines (closer to raw edge) as room is needed to be able to get the book in the cover.

In fact it was too tight the first time and I had to re sew one side closer to raw edge. A wise lady told me that in these cases it is best to sew the new stitches first and unpick the unwanted sewing later. She’s right, that way you don’t have to re-pin or re-tack all the work’s done for you.

I tacked the bottom and pinned the top. Didn’t seem to make much difference to the final product, and pinning was faster, although the book recommends tacking. 

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